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Information disclosure standard of Japan JIS

ophisticated chemical analysis of SN OIL

(Updated date:July 4th 2016yr)

Basic Information:
Our new fuel is hydrocarbon system and a molecular compound of the water. There is not it with the emulsion of the oil water mixture.
Please warn the comparison with the basis oil.

( JIS*Inspection by the standard national as for the laboratory procedure from the viewpoint of Japanese standard oil)

 (Gas Chromatography, GC of Base OIL)analysis :

SN Light OIL(Water rate 30%)

(Gas Chromatography, GC of SN OIL)analysis :

Property analysis of Base Heavy OIL :


SN Heavy OIL(Water rate 50%)
Property analysis of SN Heavy OIL

SN Light OIL(Water Rate 30%)
Property analysis of SN Light OIL vs Base Oil

SN Heavy OIL(Water rate 40%)

Engine test data of SN Heavy OIL

SN Water(50%)/Powdered coal(25%)/Heavy Oil(25%)
Property analysis of SN New CWS and Base Heavy OIL

Base : Light Oil 100%in ML
 (Elemental Analysis(Carbon,Hydrogen,Nitrogen):EA) :

  SN Light Oil(Water rate 30%)
 (Elemental Analysis(Carbon,Hydrogen,Nitrogen):EA


Molecular makeup of SN Light Oil

SN Heavy OIL(Water rate 40%)
Engine inside combustion explosion video :

Continuation eight hours operation of SN OIL
Diesel engine test of SN Heavy Oil


At the time of SN OIL output in Miki Factory

At the time of SN New CWS Video


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